Leading Change through the Power of Relationships

Unleashing the Power of Stakeholder Engagement | taught by Patrick Mayfield

Course description

Do you know you need to involve people who will be using what you will deliver, but don't know how to do it?

Are you a little daunted about talking with the end customers?

Are you overwhelmed by the scale of the people involved? Do you feel that you don't have enough time?

Are people outside your project team causing you problems and distracting you?

Well, this programme is for you

Patrick  Mayfield
Patrick Mayfield
Chairman of pearcemayfield

Patrick was the private sector contribution to the original design and developing of PRINCE2(c) launched in 1996. He went on to form pearcemayfield in 2001. He was one of the authors of the acclaimed 2007 edition of Managing Successful Programmes, authoring chapters on Principles, Vision, Benefits Realization, Business Case, Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement.

Practical People Engagement Leading Change through the Power of Relationships

In 2013 he published Practical People Engagement: Leading Change through the Power of Relationships, which 5-star rated on Amazon and has been adopted by APMG-International as the core reference for its Stakeholder Engagement qualification.

He is also a sought-after conference speaker in countries such as Brazil, the Czech Republic, India and Slovenia.

Please email me anytime about using this course: patrick.mayfield@pearcemayfield.com

Course Curriculum

Introduction to this Course
Welcome to this Programme!
Introduction: Wolverhamption University Project
Your discussion forum
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The Value Ladder
Two key behaviours in engaging people around your project or programmes
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The Power of Collaboration
A Collaboration Technique: World Cafe
World Cafe Table Facilitator Briefing
World Cafe Video: From a Workshop in Brasilia in April, 2015
An Example World Cafe "Tablecloth"
Discussion and Comments on World Cafe
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How to Scale Engagement: the Engagement Strategy
The Problem of Scaling
Why would we want an 'engagement strategy'?
A Checklist for a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
Engagement Strategy Template
Discussion and Comments on the Engagement Strategy
The Question Pitch
What Would Your Question Pitch Be?
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Dealing with Difficult Relationships
Dealing with Difficult Relationships
Dealing with Difficult Relationships Checklist
Discussion and Comments on 'Dealing with Difficult Relationships'
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Transition Planning: From Delivery to Embedded Change
What is Transition Planning?
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How People Respond to Change Differently - Understanding this and being prepared
Ho do individuals respond to change - An Introduction
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